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The Role of Animals in Judaism and Bible

In ancient Judaism, animals played various roles in the lives of the people, but also in religion. It is important to say that ancient Israelites were people with close contact with many kinds of animals because their livelihood was connected with agriculture and husbandry.  The relationship to Animals in Ancient Israel Relationships with animals in ancient Israel had mainly economic meaning. People took pets and cats as domestic pets only much later. In ancient Jewish society, livestock ownership was a sign of wealth and prosperity. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all portrayed as wealthy shepherds in Judaism. Livestock was a form of currency and was frequently used in trade and commerce.  The relationship to the natural world in ancient Israel was multifaceted Many animals had symbolic meanings in ancient Judaism. The use of livestock, particularly sheep, as symbols in Jewish scriptures and literature is common. In the Hebrew Bible, God is often depicted as a shepherd, and the people

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