Why Should You Attract Hoverflies to Your Garden? Discover Benefits!

Have you ever been in a garden that thrives, bursting with color and life, all without using dangerous chemicals? Imagine the joy of knowing your garden is a healthy ecosystem where every living thing has a specific role. Let me share something with you: attracting hoverflies to your garden could be the secret to such a balanced natural environment.

The Benefits of Attracting Hoverflies to Your Garden: Find Out Why!
Hoverflies look a lot like bees and wasps, which helps them scare off predators even though they are harmless

Hoverflies, also known as flower flies

Hoverflies often get mistaken for bees or wasps because of their similar appearance, but they're harmless to humans since they lack stingers. Their intriguing trait lies in their mimicry abilities. Some hoverfly species closely resemble bees or wasps not just in looks, but also in behavior and sound. This mimicry serves as a defense mechanism against predators, allowing hoverflies to go about their daily activities without much disturbance. 

There are thousands of hoverfly species, differing in size, color, and preferred habitats. Some species have adapted to thrive in particular areas or among specific plants.

Why Welcome Hoverflies to Your Garden? Uncover the Advantages of Natural Pesticides!
Hoverflies are among the most important pollinators

Hoverflies are named for their remarkable hovering skill, which helps them easily gather nectar from flowers. Their unique flying style distinguishes them from other insects. While they may not be as effective as bees, hoverflies are important pollinators, playing a vital role in spreading pollen while feeding on nectar. They come second only to bees in their importance as pollinators.

Hoverflies as pest controllers in the garden

Hoverflies are beneficial for managing pests in gardens. They love to hunt aphids, small insects that suck plant sap and harm plants. By targeting aphids, hoverflies help protect plants from damage.
Hoverflies in your garden help keep pests that damage plants under control
Hoverflies have impressive flight capabilities; they can hover in place, fly backward, and change direction rapidly

Hoverfly adults lay their eggs near aphid colonies or other areas with pest problems, providing an easy food source for the developing larvae. This helps control garden pests without the need for chemical pesticides.

The ways to attract Hoverflies to your Garden

Attracting hoverflies to your garden has many advantages. Here are a few ways to encourage hoverflies to visit your garden:

Hoverflies are drawn to flowers with flat or shallow blooms, such as Daisies, Marigolds, and Alyssum, all of them are flowering plants that will produce nectar throughout the growing season. They are also drawn to bright colors, especially yellow, white, and purple; plant therefore flowers in these colors in your garden to attract their attention.

Hoverflies need shelter to rest and reproduce. Leave some of your garden spaces natural, with dense vegetation, while creating artificial places like bee hotels. Hoverflies, like all insects, need water. Maintain a small dish of water in your garden to provide them with a drinking source.

Hoverflies do not only consume pets, but they are also sensitive to pesticides.

Natural or chemical pesticides? Use hoverflies as a tool for natural pest control
Attract hoverflies to your garden by providing a water source, such as a water bowl

You may encourage hoverflies to stay in your garden by creating a pleasant environment with plenty of food, shelter, and water. By welcoming them, you may employ their skills to maintain your garden healthy and balanced without the use of chemicals.


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