Why Goat Cheese is Healthier Than Cow Cheese

Many people enjoy goat cheese because of its distinct flavor. However, did you know that goat cheese is a healthier alternative to cow cheese? 

The numerous benefits of goat cheese

Why Goat Cheese is Healthier Than Cow Cheese
Goat cheese, also known as chèvre, has ancient origins, with evidence of its production dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Easier to Digest

For starters, goat cheese is considered healthier because it is easier to digest. Goat cheese contains less lactose than cow cheese, making it simpler for people who are lactose intolerant. Furthermore, the smaller fat globules in goat milk help the body digest and absorb it better.

Lower in Calories and Fat

Goat cheese has about 30% fewer calories and 40% less fat than most cow cheeses. This makes it ideal for people looking to lose weight. Despite its lower fat content, goat cheese remains rich and creamy, providing a delicious taste without the added calories.

High in Nutrients

Unveiling the Health Benefits of Goat Cheese Over Cow Cheese
Fresh goat cheese is creamy and perfect for spreading on bread or crackers. As it ages, it can become firmer, more complex in flavor, and sometimes crumbly or hard

Goat cheese is high in important nutrients. It contains plenty of protein, which is necessary for muscle repair and growth. Goat cheese also contains a lot of calcium, which is important for bone health. Furthermore, goat cheese contains critical vitamins A, K, riboflavin, and niacin, as well as minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

Rich in Probiotics

Many types of goat cheese are fermented and aged, making them an excellent source of probiotics. Probiotics are helpful microorganisms that promote gut health and better digestion. Including goat cheese in your diet can help you maintain a healthy mix of good bacteria in your gut.

Less Allergenic

Cow milk contains a protein called alpha S1 casein, which is a common allergen that causes allergies in 2-6% of children. Goat milk has much lower amounts of this protein than cow milk, making goat cheese a viable option for people sensitive to cow milk proteins.

Most importantly, if you have a cow milk allergy, talk to your allergist before consuming other animal-based milk that is not part of your regular diet. For more information about the allergenicity of goat milk compared to cow milk, check this link: If someone is allergic to cow’s milk, do they need to avoid milk from other animals?

Lower Cholesterol Levels

The Health Edge: Why Goat Cheese Trumps Cow Cheese
Goat cheese is popular in vegetarian diets because it offers protein and nutrients without involving animal slaughter

Goat cheese has lower cholesterol levels than cow cheese. This makes goat cheese a heart-friendly choice, especially for those monitoring their cholesterol levels. Furthermore, goat cheese has more medium-chain fatty acids, which are handled faster by the body and less prone to be deposited as fat.

Environmentally Friendly

Goat cheese is also more environmentally friendly. Goats need less space and food than cattle, and they release less methane, a potent greenhouse pollutant. Thus, choosing goat cheese not only improves your health but also helps the environment.


Goat cheese has various benefits over cow cheese. Some of them that we mentioned above. If you're trying to lose weight, are vegetarian, or seeking a healthy choice for your meals, goat cheese is an excellent choice.


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